DAY 1  : ANTANANARIVO – ANJOZOROBE(2h30 to 3h00 on road with the stops)

After breakfast , around 9:00,go with your guide and briefing on your trip. We begin our journey with a tour of orientation of the thousand and will make a ricochet in the high city where old buildings rise and tell the history of a civilization strongly influenced by the Anglo-Saxons during the period of evangelization. Departure to join the village of Anjozorobe. First overview of the landscape of the Highlands of Madagascar through a traditional architecture of the high plateaus and the rice fields in Bemiray [patchwork] which crisscross all our way as soon as the exit of the Capital . Stop at the Blue Hill of Ambohimanga , classified World Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco for a visit that lasts 1h to 1h30, cradle of the kingdom Merina and that of Madagascar . Free lunch on site and continuation of the road towards Anjozorobe . An hour of track to finally , penetrate the corridor northeast of Antananarivo. Possibility of a night stroll from 18h00.

Free night at the hotel of your choice . (Lunch and dinner free)


The relief of Anjozorobe is characteristic of the Central Highlands of the Imerina. This is the area of the tempoketsa of lateritic ridges prone to the phenomenon of erosion. When the soil is naked and erosion reaches an advanced stage, lavaka , ravines can be formed which deeply cut the flanks of these peneplains. Vast banks of rice paddy line the bottom of the valleys between which succed the tanety, hills of gneiss . The relief presents a more rugged architecture. It is bounded by the diff of Angavo , a fault that delimits the natural border between the province of Antananarivo and that of Tamatave. Stroll in the reserve of Anjozorobe after good breakfast, a course which can last from 1h00 to 3h00 depending on your physical condition. Free lunch on site. Afternoon, visit of a typical village of the Hauts plateaux (interior design, architecture, spatial organization, traditional…) and visit of a traditional still of essential oil of the region.Return at the end of the day.

Free night at the hotel of your choice. (Luch and dinner free)

DAY 3 : ANJOZOROBE – ANTANANARIVO – ANDASIBE (5 hours on road with stops)

After breakfast, go with your guide for the trip briefing and departure for National 02. This eastern part of the area of xerophilous forests, characterized by dominant species such as ravinala, bamboo and Grasses (bozaka). Free lunch on the way. Continuation of the journey to reach the Andasibe National Park. Arrival in the late afternoon and transfer to your hotel.

Free night at the hotel of your choice. (Lunch and dinner free)


Day of exploration of the Park through the forest of Mantadia, domains of lianas and epiphytes like orchids , mosses and ferns. The orchid are very varied with more than a hundred species inventoried. The forest of the Park Mantadia houses many animals which at the same time ensure their perpetuity. There are also 14 species of lemurs, 51 species of Boa reptiles including the famous Boa manditra and 84 species of amphibians , Indri indri which can be seen all year round. Several circuits will be offerd according to your physical condition from the simplest to the most complex:

  • The Rianasoa circuit
  • The circuit of the sacred fall
  • The Tsakoka circuit
  • The Belakoka circuit.

One can also enjoy a private reserve of vakoana and make some walks and canoeing with the local guide of the center .

Free night at the hotel of your choice .( Lunch and dinner free)


Quiet morning to enjoy your hotel . After lunch, we take the road to reach the capital . A small stop at Mandraka Park : a private reserve known as Madagascar Exotic, a breeding and breeding center for butterflies and other species of animals. The visit will last approximately 01:00. We will continue our journey through Moramanga for a visit to the gendarmerie museum, currently a member of the International Council of Museum, created in the 50s. The museum exhibits objects that trace the events that marked the historical evolution of Madagascar Particularly on the military level

Free night at the hotel of your choice . (Lunch and dinner free)


Early in the morning , you will be transferred to the airport of Ivato for the flight of Sainte Marie . Welcome, and transport to your hotel.


Farnieted at your own pace with several possible activities : outing at sea , quad biking, cycling, walking…